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When Being Negative Is A Good Thing

I’ve been proppa poorly since last Saturday ☹️ Blocked runny nose, coughing, sore throat, headache, and then on Sunday I lost my sense of taste and smell. I didn’t realise that not everyone loses those senses when they get a cold. I just presumed it was the same for all of us. Apparently not lol.

So I did the responsible thing and booked myself in for the next available Covid test, 8am Monday morning.

It wasn’t a great experience…Stroking my tonsil with that little swab on a stick made me retch lol. But, I did it, and 24 hours later I got my results…NEGATIVE. I was so relieved…but pretty sure I didn’t have it. Every time I get a cold it goes to my chest and I end up with a cough that lasts for weeks (thanks to my fucked up immune system).

At the moment, I’m lucky if I get four hours sleep during the night, and I’ve spent the last two nights on the sofa (it means I don’t wake everyone else up when I’m coughing and its nearer the loo than my bed is lol). So I’ve been having a few naps. Still feel utterly exhausted though 😩

So self care has been very thin on the ground this past week…I’m hoping that by the weekend I would have turned a corner…at least be able to sleep a full night in my own bed!

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