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Testing Times

The last week has been somewhat challenging. I’ve been ill with a cough and cold…then on Thursday I fell down the stairs and think I broke at least one toe (its Monday today and I still can’t walk properly lol)…and then somewhere amongst all that I broke a tooth (I don’t even know what day that was!). So I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself…utterly exhausted, to the point where I’m falling asleep sitting upright during the day.

Self care has been mainly napping, reading and throwing myself into cleaning, which gives me a reason to get dressed every morning. I’ve been pretty down to be honest. I’ve let some stuff really get to me and I’m feeling a bit aimless, withdrawn and lonely. Not good…I thrive on alone time, but also time out of the house, where I can see/speak to other people. A year into this pandemic it’s really taking its toll.

A couple of days ago I treated myself to two plants. I love houseplants, so when I saw these for £4.99 including the pot, I couldn’t resist!

This one is in my bedroom, helping to keep the air nice and fresh, the other is in my living room. It’s so cold outside so bringing nature indoors is a temporary measure, until I can sit in the sun in the garden again…I can’t wait. A sunny day always makes things feel better.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll go to the garden center and buy a couple of plants for my bottle garden. Replant it as the plants died last year. I’ve never had much success with them in the past, but I’ll give it another go.

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