A while back I received a copy of Ryan Holiday‘s The Daily Stoic (someone recommended it), and its been sat on my bedside cabinet since early last year. I wasn’t too sure about it…but then a couple of days ago I picked it up.

Since then I’ve been reading articles at The Daily Stoic and Ryan’s website and have signed up for both newsletters. I definitely feel a connection to this way of thinking, so over the coming weeks I’ll be doing much more research and seeing if I can use any of it to stop me feeling like my life is just spiralling out of control.

If you’ve never heard of Stoicism (I hadn’t until I got this book!) before check out this video by self help guru Tim Ferriss.

One of the things I really like the most about it are the morning and evening rituals. So I started doing those yesterday…so far so good…but can I actually stick to it? I’ll keep you posted 😉

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