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Managing My Mood

Living a “stoic” life involves having a morning routine/ritual (and an evening one). And within that, it’s suggested you should “manage your mood’.

I would never describe myself as a real moody person. I don’t suffer from PMS (my husband has been very lucky over the years considering the horror stories I’ve heard from women who do suffer from it!). I do, however, have triggers that make me irritable or low. When I’m hungry (diets kill me), not smoking (yeah, I know, I really need to quit) or I’m exhausted through lack of sleep (we’re not just talking one night…it’s usually after days of only getting 3/4 hours a night when I finally flip my shit lol). Pain levels from the PA can also have me feeling low sometimes, but I guess constant pain would do that to anyone.

So the whole idea of actively trying to “manage” my mood, first thing in the morning is a bit alien to me. How do you even do that?

Listening to a Podcast recently (I listen to so many I can’t even begin to remember which one). A female writer said that when she’s not writing she feels like she’s not giving her best to other areas of her life. She felt that not having time to write meant that everything else suffered, almost like she was missing a fundamental core part of her being. OMG…epiphany! I’ve barely written a thing all year (and that includes journalling!) and I’ve been hating on myself and my life lol.

With all that in mind I decided to follow Ryan Holidays advice of no screens for the first hour of waking (ie no phones, laptops, tablets or TV). What I do instead is read and write…for a whole hour! Ok, at the moment it’s only journalling, but I’m hoping to extend that to fiction writing soon…and the fact that I’m actually looking forward to doing that is progress in itself!

Ok, it’s only been 3 days so far but I am absolutely loving it, and blimey, it does seem to put me in a good mood, especially as I do it whilst drinking my latte. This morning I’ve been up since 10 to 4 (it’s just coming up to 6 now) and although I am absolutely shattered (I didn’t get to sleep until gone 11.30 last night) I’m enjoying listening to the dawn chorus outside whilst scribbling away in my notebook.

Big shout out to my friend Sandra Madeira, who recommended A Year To Clear, which I started reading this week. I can’t find the specific post on her Blog about this book, but she’s been using it and blogging about her progress. I just hope I am as successful with it as she’s been 😉

2 thoughts on “Managing My Mood

  1. Thank you so much linking to my blog 😘. I’m so pleased you are reading A Year to Clear. I hope you get a lot out of it, I definitely am. Journaling/writing in the morning before electronics sounds like a really good idea in order to set the tone for the day. I do love just sitting by myself first thing in the morning to update my planner and then do the same at the end of the day as well. Sometimes I journal as well last thing at night and the days I do I sleep really well. x


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