Late To The Keto Party

I’ve seen the word “Keto” banded around on FaceBook for quite a while, but never really knew what it was. I presumed it was just another fad diet. But then, a few weeks ago my friend Peter Jones asked me to have a look at a book he’d just finished writing. How To Eat Loads and Lose Weight arrived in my inbox and I devoured it in two sittings. How did I not know about this? Why doesn’t the world know about this?

So yes…I have now adopted a low carb diet and it feels so good! I’m losing weight, I don’t feel sluggish and I’m sleeping better. I’m enjoying it more than i’ve enjoyed any diet for years, because it actually makes me feel healthier. I’m not looking on it as a “diet”, but as a lifestyle change, so I wont be going totally carb free just yet. I can’t drink a latte (my favourite hot drink) without any sweetener, so i’m exploring sugar alternatives with a lower carb count than actual sugar.

Being more aware of all the processed foods i’m putting into my body (usually carbs) just feels right at the moment and is definitely a major part of self care. I’m optimistic and looking forward to having more energy and less pain. It’s about time I treated my body to some good wholesome food, rather than reaching for the local takeaway menu.

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