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The Thing About Yoga Is…

…it looks so simple, but it’s bloody hard 🤣

For Christmas my husband bought me a book on Yoga…by New Years Eve it had been put on the book shelf and there it has sat ever since. Why? Because even reading it, looking at the pictures, was exhausting! As I was looking at all the poses I was giggling away to myself and thinking “There is no way I can get myself in that position!” 😂

I’ve wanted to try Yoga for years. It looks like my kind of exercise…nothing too strenuous, nothing too sweaty, but jeeez! How do they even get in those positions lol.

Yesterday I spent some time doing research online, trying to find a “Yoga for beginners” type thing. And I found this one on You Tube…

I watched the video all the way through and by the end I had convinced myself that perhaps theres a very good reason why i’ve reached my age and never actually tried it. Shona Virtue makes it look sooooo easy, soooo simple. But wow…I struggle getting on and off the floor, let alone getting myself into a “downward dog” lol.

Seriously though, I might have to rethink this…self care is also about realising your limitations. But if anyone can point me in the direction of a super easy peasy beginners Yoga video, i’d be very interested 😊

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