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Happy Valentines

Ok, I know i’m a day late, but I think Valentines Day should be like Birthdays…run for longer than just 24 hours 😉

Yesterday my husband took me out for lunch to one of our favourite restaurants, Chapter One. We first visited the restaurant when it was The Fantail, for our 1st Wedding anniversary 34 years ago. So its one of our special places. I did feel a bit bad as I still have this blasted cold, so I couldn’t really taste anything. But did manage to make it through the meal without a major coughing fit and shoving endless amounts of tissue up my nose lol.

We all know about the connection between our taste buds and our eyes. Food that looks good, tastes good, and this was a prime example. Because even though I couldn’t distinguish flavours, the food was still good because I knew it was tasting good…does that make sense?

So my act of self care yesterday was to go out for lunch. My husband did give me the option of cancelling, but I didn’t see why he should miss out. Ok, so the wine didn’t taste like it should have done and i’m sure the duck samosa that I had as a starter was full of subtle Indian spices that I couldn’t detect.

But when it came to the rum caramelised pineapple with coconut sorbet and rum and raisin parfait (which was probably like a pina colada on a plate) that I had for dessert…well, my imagination kicked in and my husband said I was smiling as I ate it 🤣

This was probably one of those moments when I should have said no, but I said yes…and boy, am I glad I did!

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