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Do One Dennis!

The UK is currently gripped by storm Dennis, which started yesterday and is continuing on into today 😟 I don’t really mind being cooped up indoors (Its an excuse to read and slump on the sofa), but the poor Puggies hate it. They still want to go for their walk, then get to the front door, and go, oooo, ummm, perhaps not lol.

So yesterday was all about staying warm and dry, reading, listening to podcasts, drinking tea and generally chilling.

I ended up reading through the whole of this book (another Christmas present) and I can definitely recommend it. Lots of tips and ideas on how to incorporate self care into your life. Nothing particularly major or taxing, just small steps…I like small steps 😊

Looking out the window this morning it seems like today will be more of the same, weather wise. Stay safe people of the UK…take the opportunity to just chill…

2 thoughts on “Do One Dennis!

    1. Good for you honey! Sounds like you had a great time…totally agree, laughter is amazing 😊 The sun is shining and the drive way is drying out…slowly, so finger crossed the Puggies should get a nice walk tonight…we can at least get to the cars now lol x


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