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Kon Mari…Or Trying To

Thanks to storm Dennis we’ve spent most of the weekend trapped in the house (literally!) where the driveway flooded and getting to our car involved wading through 6 inches of water (in places). The poor Puggies have only been for a couple of short walks as the lanes are flooded and being Pugs, they only have little legs lol. Its just another thing to add to the long list of reasons why we’re moving house (hopefully 🤞🏻) this year.

With that in mind i’ve been trying to declutter. What can I say…i’m a hoarder…I was brought up by hoarders lol. Hold onto stuff because you never quite know when that thing will come in handy 🤣 (Note: nothing like what you see on those TV shows though…I can still see my floors, well, most of them lol).

I’ve got better over the years…i’ve had to, due to 11 house moves in 34 years…but I still have a tendency to just have too much stuff. I read an article yesterday and discovered my problem is that i’m “Overwhelmed with Life = Overwhelmed at Home” which means I just don’t know where to start, so I live with it. The expression that springs to mind is that I bury my head in the sand, or rather, in a huge pile of handbags (how many do I actually need or use?).

I love the whole Kon Mari thing…have bought both of Marie Kondo’s books…but again…didn’t know where to start, so basically…didn’t start lol. I even joined FlyLady (again!) in the hopes that a regular habit of decluttering would stick…it didn’t. I know that living in a clutter free environment is better for my mind, body and soul, but I still struggle.

So yesterday I had another crack at my spare room (aka – The Dumping Ground) and after packing up 4 boxes of books to go into storage and throwing away 2 bottles of Gaviscon that were out of date I was fed up and watched a ghost hunting show instead. But, from now on, every day (i’ve put it in my planner), I will declutter (or pack up) one area. It felt so good getting rid of those 2 bottles in the bin, and being able to see that area of floor in the spare room.

As for the pile of handbags…

…they’re still covering the spare bed…baby steps eh, baby steps 😉

5 thoughts on “Kon Mari…Or Trying To

  1. Reading this blog was like reading about me Vikki. I totally understand how you are feeling as I’m in exactly the same place and have been doing a daily blog on decluttering. It’s just never ending though. I think it’s all about baby steps, that’s what seems to be working for me, but although I’m seeing some progress, I just want to go quicker. Good luck 🙂

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