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The Art of the Essay

A few weeks ago I watched a video of science fiction writer Ray Bradbury giving a talk at a university. If you’re a writer its definitely work a watch, but it is an hour long.

One thing (amongst the many things) that Mr Bradbury said that I liked was his advice to read one short story, one poem and one essay…every single day…if you want to be a writer. Well, I gotta say, I don’t get enough sleep as it is…so thanks Ray, but i’m not sure I have enough hours in the day to manage that along with all the other stuff I want to do. But, I could see where he was coming from.

I’ve said before that I love learning stuff, but recently, i’ve also found myself being drawn to writing memoir. But I hadn’t considered essays. I think when I see that word it just reminds me of school *yawn yawn* lol.

Yesterday I came across a brilliant website…The Electric Typewriter. Its like a database of essays. So I made myself a cup of tea and had a virtual wander…which led me to reading three excellent essays.

So now, i’m wondering if I could write one? Where do I start? What subject do I write about? It’s definitely got my brain going and gave me lots to think about.

Not sure I can follow Rays advice to the letter, but i’ve signed up for their newsletter to give me a gentle nudge to revisit the site on a regular basis.

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