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Being Organised

Yesterday I did a bit or organising…and enjoyed it way more than I should have done lol

I’m not a very neat, tidy and organised type of person. But I can see the benefits of living that way. Knowing where everything is and being able to lay your hands on something immediately must be great. I do try though…it’s just that things get a little bit out of hand lol

Take my notebooks, for example. Late last year I finally managed to get them all in one place. These are my writing notebooks. The ones I use for writing short stories and short story ideas, hand written Nanowrimo’s, notes taken at writing events and snippets of writing advice i’ve collected over the years. They were finally all on one book case…but…not in any order.

When I started writing back in late 2010 I started numbering my notebooks…by 2016 i’d given up. Mainly because everything prior to 2015 was in storage for a while and I couldn’t remember the last number i’d used lol. So yesterday I had the whole bookcase out and arranged them in date order so I could number them…I’m currently on notebook number 92! Cant quite believe I have that many. All those words…all those stories! Crazy!

But it felt so good getting it done, and the memories it brought back. Every single notebook has travelled around with me. There was the one I took to Capri, and the one I used in Sicily. My first Swanwick one and the ones I used in the Motorhome that first year. Each one takes me back to a moment in my life over the last 10 years. When i’m an ultra famous writer they’ll be worth a fortune 🤣 Who am I kidding? They’ll probably end up in the bin when i’m gone lol

So now what do I do with them? I guess if this social distancing thing goes on for months i’ll have plenty of time to go through them and read all those words. But in the meantime it’s just nice to know they’re there, in some kind of order, and they make me smile every time I look at them 😊

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