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A Good Old Mope

I’m feeling pretty damn sorry for myself at the moment. My Ocular Migraine has now turned into an eye infection. Its happened many times over the years…I rub my eye (yes, I know I shouldn’t) and end up with an infection. But this one is bad…I’ve never had it this bad before. Got some drops from the chemist on Saturday morning, but they’ve done absolutely sod all, and today I’ve woken up barely able to see because my eye is so sore and swollen. I look like I’ve done a round with Tyson Fury lol.

Unfortunately, eye problems come hand in hand with Psoriatic Arthritis. Crazy really…one of the symptoms that sets my condition apart from the other forms of Arthritis.

I can’t read, watch TV or spend too much time on the laptop, so I spent most of yesterday drinking tea and moping lol. I’ve never seen anything wrong in having the occasional self pity trip. I think sometimes we need to feel sorry for ourselves. Theres nothing wrong in acknowledging you’re suffering…its just a moment…it will pass. Its when it goes on too long that it becomes a problem.

So today, self care will be trying to get a telephone consultation with my GP, and hopefully getting some strong antibiotic drops…you’ll find me huddled in my dressing gown, drinking tea and moping 😉

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