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Less Is Now

In my pursuit of “downsize the most painless way possible” and to take my mind off my eye infection, I found myself watching this on Netflix yesterday…

How comes I’d never heard of these guys before? They have books…a Podcast (I’ve subscribed lol)…Website...Ted Talks…FaceBook…Instagram…you name it! But watching this film/documentary was so inspiring. I found myself nodding away and itching to start throwing stuff out lol.

Josh & Ryan have created a challenge…#lessisnow, where you attempt to spend 31 days decluttering. On day one you get rid of one item, day two three items, day three six items, day four ten items etc etc. You can find the guide on their web site under resources, but heres the plan…

Now, I’m all up for a challenge…but…496 items on day 31? Are there even enough hours in a day for that? I guess I could tackle my pen collection lol

I never really got the whole minimalist thing. Its not my style. But…after watching what Josh & Ryan have to say about it, how it’s changed their lives, I can really see the benefits. My house is full of stuff that I either don’t use or don’t even look at. The stuff in the loft has been there for 5 years, and not once have I taken any of it out.

So I’m starting today…1 item…how hard can it be? I can do this 😃

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