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Being Enough

I was having a bit of a CBA day yesterday (can’t be arsed). Which was funny as the #teamtomm podcast was on that exact topic. Yesterday was kitchen day (on the #teamtomm schedule), but as I’d already given it a once over on Wednesday morning (we had a house viewing) all that needed doing was the floor, which the husband did for me.

In all honesty, the day didn’t start well, when I found out that a lovely gentleman I know from Swanwick had died on Christmas Day. That upset me…I will miss him greatly. He was one of my smoking buddies, and over the last 10 years we have spent many hours, sitting under that tree putting the world to rights and him telling me all about what it was like attending the school in years past. Such a lovely man, who was always smiling and chatty.

But even without yesterday’s bad news, some days I just really don’t want to do anything. Some days I do just want to stay in bed all day, but I don’t because I know that’s a slippery slope and I need to keep on top of the housework (we have another house viewing tomorrow) to sell this house. My husband says the house doesn’t need to be spotless, and trust me, it isn’t lol. I’m no Mrs Hinch, even if I do own a Sonic Scrubber (if you know, you know). I would describe myself as “top show” lol…dig a big deeper and you’ll find the mess and grime, but as long as it looks good on top, that’s fine by me lol.

Saying that, I have over the years, beaten myself up for not doing enough. I felt enormous guilt as a stay at home mum if there wasn’t a cooked meal waiting when my husband got home, or if the house was a mess. I know this was all in my head (my husband is no way a chauvinist and didn’t expect anything), but it just felt, and still feels, wrong, to just sit and do nothing lol.

Before I went to bed I checked Instagram (as you do). I’m really not feeling FaceBook at the moment. I don’t really want to engage with anyone, so Instagram is my chosen platform right now. Anyway, so I watched a few stories including Stacey Soloman’s. I’ve been following her since lockdown…she always makes me smile. Last night she posted this…

Love this girl (and Theo, her gorgeous little dog) and her attitude. I can’t believe the amount of abuse she receives from trolls 😡

So yeah…all I really did yesterday was hold myself together…and throw out 2 water bottles…and that definitely was enough.

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