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Being Grateful

I discovered a new podcast recently…The Law Of Attraction Changed My Life with Francesca Amber, which I am absolutely loving! I think the main reason I love it is because she’s so down to earth. Most podcasts are American (which isn’t a problem…but…), so to find one that is done by a “Lunden gell” (as I am) who swears like a trooper (as I do) is quite refreshing lol. I started following her on Instagram, and recently she uploaded this quote…

Common sense I suppose…but…the last 24 hours have been an emotional roller coaster. A decision needs to be made which will affect/effect (I never know which one it is and in this instance it’s probably both! lol) the rest of our lives. I hate decisions at the best of times, let alone big ones.

People say you should go with your gut…use your intuition. But I’ve never been very good at that. I always seem to make the wrong choice, but I’m starting to realise that is only my perception of the outcome. So what if I choose A and it goes wrong? Who is to say that B wouldn’t have been even worse? lol

Yesterday I binged watched about five episodes of I Am A Killer on Netflix, just to take my mind off all the thoughts that were going round in my head. It did the trick that’s for sure…as it made me realise what I have to be grateful for. There are horrendous things going on in this world…other people’s struggles and problems are enormous compared to mine.

My kids, grand children, husband and pets are all safe and well…and especially during these awful times (Covid) that’s all I can really ask for.

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