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Gently Does It

Another hectic weekend, but also a productive one. I now have another 5 black sacks and 2 large boxes ready to go to a charity shop. I’m finding this whole downsizing thing hard, bloody hard and I havent even started on the loft *gulps*

I’ve figured out that I need to go through an area (cupboard, drawer) once. Then leave it for a while before going back and giving it a second cull. That seems to be working right now.

I finally finished my china cabinets in the dining room and cleared all the drawers in the spare room. The #lessisnow challenge is really working for me, and I’ve thrown stuff out every single day (although I’ve stopped counting my daily items…that’s just too much lol).

There are certainly things I won’t miss about this house, but a lot that I will. It was…is… the first house my husband and I have decorated from top to bottom (it only took nearly 35 years of being married lol). The kitchen is mine…the bathroom is mine…there is nothing left of the previous owners, not a door handle or plug socket…even the front door was my choice (I love my front door lol). I’m so proud of what we have achieved, and yes, I probably will shed a tear when we go…we’ve put our all into this house.

So I’m trying to be gentle with myself…trying to focus on the job in hand and the future, rather than reflect on the past, which is difficult when you’re throwing out stuff that holds so many memories. I will just keep reminding myself of The Minimalists mantra…

“Love people. Use things. The opposite never works.”

The people (and furbabies) in my life are far more important than things. I just hope I can persuade the new owner to feed my fox family 😊

One thought on “Gently Does It

  1. It certainly has been an adventure, hard work but it’s the first house I’ve also been proud of. Wherever we end up, we will be together and that’s all that matters. ❤️

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