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The Windows To My Soul

I’ve had problems with my eyes for years. Suffering frequent bouts of conjunctivitis, but also eye dryness and pain. My doctors treated me for a “blocked tear duct” for 15 years and I was finally referred to an Ophthalmologist who diagnosed “ocular migraines” about 8 years ago.

But it turns out that all these issues are symptoms of my Psoriatic Arthritis, and no one made the connection until I saw the Rheumatologist. There is no cure…it’s just something I have to live with and could eventually damage my vision.

I saw an advert on TV a few months back for a spray that is supposed to help with dry irritated eyes. My problem is that my eyes don’t make the correct amount of tear film, the layer that protects the surface of the eye from all the yukky stuff floating about around us. And the spray claims to put back the moisture that is lost during day to day life.

So I bought some and used it for the first time last night.

To be honest, it didn’t seem to do a thing lol…and I’ve woken up today with the same itchy, scratchy, sticky feeling that I have every single morning.

I’ll persevere, perhaps you need to use it for a few days before you notice any benefit. After all, its “clinically proven”. If it works, brilliant, if not, I wasted a tenna 😉

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