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Ups & Downs

I think I (we) have had more than our fair share of downs in life. Our family motto is…if it can go wrong, it will…to us lol. Over the years we’ve had some almost comical bad luck, stupid things that test your resolve and at times its had me thinking that someone up there has it in for me. I’m not sure I believe in past lives, but if I did I’d be thinking perhaps I did something really bad in a previous one.

A few weeks ago my KitchenAid toaster died. Things don’t last forever, I know that. But I was gutted, as I knew that I couldn’t afford to replace it. I love KitchenAid products and I was fortunate enough (there’s one of those “up’s”) to be able to buy some of their gadgets when we moved into this house. So yesterday I had a tinker with it, ended up electrocuting myself (that bloody hurt) and got my husband to ring their customer services department to see if it would be cheaper to get it repaired rather than buy a new cheaper brand toaster (I didn’t want to give in and admit defeat lol).

Now, we’re the people who have an oven blow up on Christmas Eve (yeah, that did happen) or the people who buy a car which has a fault…the only example of that fault in the whole of the UK (yeah, that’s happened too!) or buy the only house in the street whose garden floods every time it rains (the council had to come out and put extra drains in). Or how about the time the dog set fire to the house…or the honey bees who decided to live in my chimney breast (yes, we had to get a bee keeper come out!)…I could go on and on and on lol. And true to form, it turns out their products are guaranteed for 5 years (my toaster hit the grand old age of 5 in November according to the serial number), so it was just outside the guarantee period. But…as we couldn’t establish exactly when I bought it they agreed to replace it free of charge!

I was over the moon! That kind of thing just doesn’t usually happen to us. But what’s that saying? The lord giveth and the lord taketh away? Yeah…great…story of my life!

By early evening we realised that our boiler has died 🙄 In one of the coldest snaps the UK has seen in years! Thank goodness we still have a couple of oil filled radiators left over from when we had the renovations done on the house. So I’m currently sitting here with numb fingers and toes as close as I can get to this bloody thing lol.

We’ve tried resetting the boiler, but it’s completely dead. So today we’ll be ringing the heating company to see how quickly they can come out…gawd knows how much that will cost…the price of a brand new KitchenAid Artisan toaster perhaps? 🙄 🤣

I can’t really grumble…this post is very much tongue in cheek. I have a lot in life to be grateful for, there have been a good few ups that’s for sure. So I’ll focus on those, and in the meantime…where did I put my thermal socks?

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